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If you suffer from an STD, then you will know just how difficult it is to find like minded singles on your standard dating website. Obviously, you need to be up-front that you are suffering from a condition. The problem is that when you are up front, people tend not to want to interact with you. Thankfully, sites like Positive Singles are out there. Whether you are looking for a herpes dating community, or a HIV dating site, Positive Singles has you covered. However, is the site all it is cracked up to be? Let's take a little look.

What is Positive Singles?

Positive Singles is a dating website for those suffering from an STD. The main focus is on those suffering from HIV and herpes, although there is also a large community of hepatitis sufferers. Although, while the main focus is on dating, it is a lot more than this. The site is just as good for making friends, or even for getting support when dealing with your condition.

The site is incredibly social, with users encouraged to blog about their experiences. This is fantastic, because it means that you are able to get to know somebody a little bit better. In our experience, the profiles on this dating website are a lot 'fuller' than the profiles you will find on other websites. It is all because Positive Singles has aimed to create a community as opposed to just a simple dating website.

Large community

Positive Singles has members virtually everywhere. At last count, there were over a million users on the site. It is growing by the day. Obviously, since this is not your typical dating website, you can't expect there to always be a ton of singles in your local area. However, from what we can tell, most places around the world have fairly decent coverage. Remember; it isn't just about dating, so there is nothing that says you can't try to make friends outside of your local area anyway.


This is where Positive Singles really shines. There are a wealth of features packed onto the site. This includes:

♦ STD Blogs. These are written by the users. You really feel as if you can get to know somebody like this.
♦ Online Chat Room: talk live with users around the globe.
♦ Dating Adviser: here, you will be able to be matched up to singles who are most like you. It really does help to speed up the dating process.
♦ Qualified counselor offering advice for dealing with an STD.

It is the last point which really makes us love Positive Singles. After all, it goes to show that this is much more than a dating website out to make a quick buck. It shows that the brains behind the site genuinely care about the users. This means that you are far, far more likely to find a match.

Check out the site today

If you are looking for a singles community built around the concept of having an STD. If you are looking for a herpes dating community that does not judge you. If you are looking for HIV dating site that offers advice and support. Check out Positive Singles today.

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